Jasper Mortimer

Heir to The Couch. Trying desperately to grow a beard


Jasper is one of those people that you’d like if he wasn’t such an insufferable ass all the time. He thinks entirely too highly of himself for having never accomplished anything of note, and especially because he is best known for having ALLEGEDLY tried to rape the lady Amory Renard.

Once ward of House Renard and squire to Gaston Renard, he still has ties within their house despite the current enmity. Although unhorsed by Gaston in the Kayden’s latest tourny, he made motions to smooth the quarreling over at the feast that night by congratulating Gaston on the victory in their bout. For some reason, this was received poorly. At that feast, he was also seen dancing with Annalyn Kayden, who had given him her favor earlier that day. My, my, what’s going on there?

Jasper Mortimer

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