Game of Thrones

(Almost) A Feast For Crows

A year has passed since the Kayden Tournament. Jasper Mortimer had been granted knighthood, and House Mortimer was having a feast in his honor. Everyone including members of House Renard was invited, with the exception of Gaston. The feast was interrupted by Gaston showing up with an army of men. After a lengthy discussion between Gaston, Jasper, Darius, and Amory, a battle was to be fought the following morning.

The next morning the two sides met to discuss terms of surrender, after both refusing surrender. The rest of Lord Kayden’s army with the Lannister host arrived. Annalyn Kayden spoke for her brother and father, to the gathered Octavius, Holstrum, Renard, and Mortimer Houses. House Kayden, with the permission of Lord Tywin Lannister, argued for a tribunal to settle the conflict. Ultimately, the decision was a trial by combat between Ser Holstrum and Gaston. Ser Holstrum won the day.

The Story so Far
Cue the Intro Music!

Within a few months of Annalyn Kayden and Darius Kayden’s return, House Renard held a tournament in honor of Annalyn’s safe return. One the first day of the tournament, Claudius Kayden the Captain of the Guard won the Archery tournament. And Darius won the Grand Melee with a dashing move against Gaston Renard. In the Joust, Gaston won a close match against Lord Martin. Despite all the competition, the most surprising event took place after most had gone to bed. Darius interrupted, what is seen by some people, an attempted rape of Amory Renard by Jasper Mortimer. Jasper was taken into custody, until morning where he was dragged out of the castle by Gaston. It was there Gaston challenged Jasper to a duel, where Jasper chose his father Lord Roger Mortimer as his champion. Lord Mortimer lost the duel to Gaston, where Gaston told them to leave his lands.

Tensions rose over the next 6 months, between House Mortimer and House Renard. House Kayden announced it would hold a tournament, in an attempt to get the tension out in a more suitable place: competition. On the first night of the guests arrival, Annalyn Kayden had an assassination attempt. It was interrupted by Claudius Kayden and Darius Kayden. The assassin escaped interrogation though. The Archery competition was won by the youngest son of House Kayden, Dedric. The Grand Melee was won by Gaston Renard. During the final round of the Joust, an heir to a presumed dead House by the name of Rayland Holstrum announced himself and challenged Gaston for the holdings of House Renard. Holstrum won the joust, unveiling that Gaston had used an iron lance in that round. Enraged, Gaston called for his sword to do battle with Holstrum. Lord John Kayden interfered calling for them to stand down. At the award ceremony, Jacques Renard accepted the reward for the Grand Melee for Gaston. Later that evening, John Kayden was attacked by an assasin by the name of Fernando. He survived, severely wounding the dwarf. Esperanza was held in association with Fernando.


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