Darrius Kayden

Heir to the Kayden House


(Still to come)


Growing up in a castle, as the son of a major Lord of the realm, has its distinct disadvantages. For starters, the help just never seems to get my food just-warm enough, and my blankets are always cold because the servants just do not understand what I mean by a “warming” lady that I demand join me nightly.

- Darrius Kayden is a 19 year old son of a lordling, and heir to the seat of House Kayden. Most of the time he can be found wandering the feasting halls looking for another bottle of wine, or chasing after the few castle-woman whom he is not related to and has not brought to bed…yet. While outwardly Darrius seems to be nothing more than a drunken, whoring lout with little regard for himself or the needs of others (especially that of his kingdom), his Will is deeply rooted in the proper execution of his duty that is tempered by a seething prejudice of anyone he deems to be simply “The Help” (roughly status 2 or lower). Quick to anger, and even quicker to excite, Darrius nonetheless leaped to the Rescue when his sister Ani was kidnapped while on holiday over the Narrow Sea. While the adventure did take the better part of 5 years, and was for the most part dull, Darrius spent his time well overseas where he learned the art of the Bravosii Fencing Style, and to this day carries one of those distinct blades with him everywhere. While many men of Westeros view this style as “unmannish” and even “girly”, Darrius is always ready to disabuse anyone of that notion with a quick whip of his well practiced blade.

Darrius Kayden

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