Annalyn Kayden

The Daughter Everyone Wishes They Had


Annalyn Kayden, First Daughter of Lord John Kayden, spent most of her childhood reading and listening to stories about grand adventures of heroic men and women. When she wasn’t learning about matters of court, tailoring, and other matters of being a Lady. She was with her father going to Tournaments throughout the Westerlands.

Annalyn was to be married to Gaston Renard, per the treaty after House Renard took over the holdings of House Holstrum, as Kayden fought along side Holstrum. At the age of fifteen, she crossed the Narrow Sea for her last chance at adventure, as her sister Amory Renard pointed out. Unfortunately by the years end, Annalyn had been captured by bandits.

Over the next four years, she was used as bait to lure poor individuals too courageous for their own good. During this time, she became ill. Initially the bandits did little to help her recover, until she pointed out that she was an asset that if she were to pass away their scheme may not be as profitable.

Thanks to her brother, Darius Kayden the Heir, she was rescued from the bandits and taken home.

Annalyn Kayden

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