Game of Thrones

(Almost) A Feast For Crows

A year has passed since the Kayden Tournament. Jasper Mortimer had been granted knighthood, and House Mortimer was having a feast in his honor. Everyone including members of House Renard was invited, with the exception of Gaston. The feast was interrupted by Gaston showing up with an army of men. After a lengthy discussion between Gaston, Jasper, Darius, and Amory, a battle was to be fought the following morning.

The next morning the two sides met to discuss terms of surrender, after both refusing surrender. The rest of Lord Kayden’s army with the Lannister host arrived. Annalyn Kayden spoke for her brother and father, to the gathered Octavius, Holstrum, Renard, and Mortimer Houses. House Kayden, with the permission of Lord Tywin Lannister, argued for a tribunal to settle the conflict. Ultimately, the decision was a trial by combat between Ser Holstrum and Gaston. Ser Holstrum won the day.



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