A Shadow of Things to Come

This is a game using the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIF) RPG (Rights owned by Green Ronin Publishing) set in the world of the Westeros. It takes place in the Westerlands and follows a group of noble houses that are sworn to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock. It begins with the interactions between the memebers of theses houses, follows their interactions with the rest of the land and tells the tale of their impact on the world.


If you are new to the website or the game, feel free to head to the characters section and add your character and their general information to the page. As one of the main themes of the novels is the cultivation and exicution of schemes and conspiracies, it is prefered if player characters limit the ammount of Out of Character (OOC)Information displayed to other PC’s to maintain the atmosphere.


If you are interested in learning about, or contributing to, the body of information related to the game head to the wiki (Still under Construction).

Adventure Log

If you want a summary of the main plot for each episode, head to the adventure log to read the entries.

Game of Thrones

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